Factors that might lead to Inland Revenue Special Compliance Office becoming involved in an investigation

  • Substantial investigations involving groups of companies with liabilities spread across several local Tax Offices or with other special features
  • Cases of exceptional difficulty or importance in the field of personal taxation
  • Groups or classes of employees, or the self-employed where there is evidence of evasion, or the existing machinery for discovery, assessment, and Self Assessment enquiry is inadequate
  • Serious PAYE irregularities including significant failure to remit tax and non-operation of PAYE
  • Areas of general avoidance including offshore arrangements
  • Evasion and avoidance arising from contrived liquidations, receivership, bankruptcy and informal methods of shedding tax liability
  • Cases involving particularly complex or difficult records examination which require accountancy expertise
  • Cases where accounts, documents or returns have been falsified
  • Cases involving accountants and other professionals where they may be implicated in offences

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