Navision Software and IBM form strategic alliance

Based on Navision Financials and the IBM Netfinity server platform, the two are already co-operating in a number of European countries. Additionally, alliance teams have been established at both IBM EMEA and Navision Software to co-ordinate and drive the alliance.

Ren Stockner, vice president of sales and marketing at Navision said: ‘One very important point that Navision Financials and IBM Netfinity servers have in common is that they are designed to move with the customer’s business needs in times of growth and change.’

IBM EMEA and Navision Software have already been working together on a partnership, the first result being the award of the IBM Netfinity ServerProven logo to Navision Financials in early December 1999.

IBM Netfinity servers and the ServerProven programme simplifies installation, which minimises set-up time and expense, thus reducing the total cost of ownership. The ServerProven certification ensures that IBM delivers high-quality solutions to businesses.

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