Accountant plans Cambodian coup

A Californian accountant has appeared in a Los Angeles federal court for
plotting to take over Cambodia with a group of freedom fighters,
reports the New York Sun.

Cambodian-American Yasith Chhun, 52, faces charges of conspiracy to kill
overseas, to damage or destroy property in a foreign country, to use a weapon of
mass destruction outside America and violation of the Neutrality Act.

Prosecutor Lamar Baker said: ‘This accountant from the city of Long Beach
decided he was going to take over a country, and he was willing to take lives in
order to do so.’

Chhun, who worked from an office in a California strip mall, hoped to become
interim president of Cambodia over throwing prime mMinister Hun Sen, who had
been a brigade commander under Pol Pot. His group, the Cambodian Freedom
Fighters, got as far as throwing grenades into coffee shops and karaoke bars.

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