Collaboration needed to fight aid fraud

Close collaboration between auditors and investigators is vital in fighting
fraud in development aid programmes, the European Union’s (EU) commissioner for
audit and anti-fraud Siim Kallas has said.

Speaking to a conference in Brussels, he said investigators probing frauds in
often chaotic and poorly-policed developing countries would find the ‘support of
the auditors often indispensable’, providing ‘a solid backing to investigators’.

Kallas also stressed that auditors and the EU anti-fraud unit OLAF needed to
work more closely with other international anti-crime agencies, national member
state investigators and those of aid-receiving countries.

‘Networking between prosecutors, police officers, investigators and other
anti-fraud services is not only beneficial but a necessary condition that
determines the final outcome of all investigations,’ he said.

OLAF, he said, had noted aid fraudsters were becoming increasingly
imaginative, notably targeting non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which
increasingly receive EU aid and often need to improve accounting controls, he

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