#1m theft trial begins.

Silas Edward Tomlinson, aged 37, of Tamworth Street, Duffield was arrested in January after accounting irregularities were uncovered in December 2000. The company called in the police who arrested Tomlinson.

He appeared before court on 10 July to hear 50 charges of ‘theft of credit balance’ laid against him totalling #1,164,009. The transactions occurred between July 1995 and November 2000. He has worked at the Derby-based food manufacturer for ten years. He was suspended in January this year.

Detective sergeant Dave Macdonald, of the Derbyshire fraud squad, told Accountancy Age that the case had been adjourned for six weeks and that it will then move to the crown court.

A spokeswoman for the company said that Tomlinson was still under suspension but had not been fired.

S&A Foods has grown at a phenomenal rate since it was set up by Perween Warsi, managing director, in her kitchen in 1986.

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