A farewell to O’Rorke

Management Consultancies Association members staged a farewell dinner for outgoing executive director Brian O’Rorke in Knightsbridge recently.

Peter Gorle, managing director of Metra Martech, who orginally interviewed O’Rorke for the post, said that he had greatly raised the perception of the MCA and consultancy as a whole and prevented the MCA from pouring concrete over its ankles. Today, he said, the MCA stands for respectability and objectivity. He reflected that the MCA was a sleeping lion until O’Rorke came along.

“Brian has a very loud bark and is a very despot in this job,” Gorle said. “But he has the ability to hold his own in the jungle. I have never seen him flustered.”

Alan Reid, chairman of KPMG international management consultancy agreed: “Without Brian there would have be no MCA; he has made a huge contribution to our industry.” President of the MCA, Vicky Wright, who organised the event, praised O’Rorke for his stamina and work which helped to strengthen the image of consultancy industry.

She highlighted his qualities: “He is a go-getter, and will make a success of whatever he does. If he has a fault he drives people very hard. He is very efficient.”

Touched by the farewells, O’Rorke said that if consultants wanted to do something in his memory it would be to “become the leadership of this country”.

O’Rorke will be pursuing his passion: sculpting ballet dancers.

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