Taxpayers hit with demands after HMRC computer glitch


A computer error may have resulted in hundreds of thousands of individuals
been mistakenly asked for money by HM
Revenue & Customs

The mistake was uncovered by
BBC’s ‘Money Box’
programme and has been blamed on a glitch
in the HMRC computer system.

The notices asked workers to pay £371 each to make up their contributions to
the basic state pension. HMRC said it was unaware of how many of the £4.7m tax
notices that were issued were incorrect.

The computer error appears to have affected large employers, as workplaces
with over 250 employees were instructed to file returns for 2004/2005 online,
the FT

HMRC’s computers buckled under the numerous responses and ignored a number of
NI contributions in the process. The Revenue said it was working with the
businesses affected and would send letters to those who received the notices

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