Audit Commission in improvement drive

The commission has published a 106-page booklet called Change Here! which outlines the key challenges public service managers face in delivering improvements, strategies for overcoming these barriers as well as the characteristics of change leaders.

The guide draws from experience gained in both public and private sectors and is packed with case studies to illustrate important points.

And to drive the key points home clearly, a Change Here! website has been launched to takes public service officers through key point in the booklet, providing clickable diagrams and quick links to case studies, to drive home the message that user needs are paramount.

The ‘Change Here!’ strategy is part of the Audit Commission’s drive to help implement and spread good practice across the full range of public sector services.

Sir Andrew Foster, controller of the Audit Commission said Change Here! drew on the insights of successful leaders of change and helped public service managers deliver ‘tangible improvements’.

‘Our research has found many examples of innovative practice across the range of public services, which others can learn from.’

He added that the commission looked forward to ‘active dialogue’ with managers of change, and to ‘producing further work on this essential issue’.


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