FSA embroiled in domain name saga

Nominet, the registry for .uk internet domain names, ruled Findlay Steele could not use the domain name because it caused confusion, after a firm of solicitors erroneously sent a confidential e-mail to Findlay Steele instead of to the FSA, which occupies the domain name

The Bournemouth-based software house has appealed the ruling and argues that the domain name was registered in good faith prior to the conception of the FSA and points out that other sites such as the Football Supporters Association ( use the same initials.

In a statement, the company said: ‘We consider the attempt to wrestle the domain from us in this away as a blatant case of reverse domain name hijacking by the other FSA.’

The FSA confirmed that the dispute had originated after confidential e-mails destined for its offices were sent to Findlay Steele. It said it had asked Findlay Steele to drop the domain name to ensure confidential dealings with companies and individuals were not viewed by a third party.

A spokesman for the FSA said: ‘The matter is still under appeal at Nominet and we await the outcome.’

Nominet said the appeal was currently being considered by its legal team with no confirmed date set for a ruling on the matter.

It appears the software company have a back up plan if their appeal fails. A search on the Nominet database found that Findlay Steele had registered the domain name on Friday last week.


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