Taking Stock – Dirty tricks are still the Soft option.

The time is nearly upon us again. That’s right, the Softworld Accounting and Finance Exhibition will take place at the NEC in Birmingham on 4-5 October.

Once again, the brightest and best minds from the world of software will convene under one roof to display their latest offerings and find out what their rivals are up to.

And, dare TS say it, but we will be keeping a sharp look out for the latest dirty tricks campaigns from companies looking to stay one step ahead of their rivals.

In shenanigans even Tory or Labour politicians would be proud of, previous Softworlds have provided plenty of dodgy goings on.

Who could forget the phantom press release tyrant, who decided to cover over every other company press release with its own – giving the impression only one company had a story to tell?

Or how about the sheer volume of gossip companies are always willing to reveal about their rivals, putting the event on a par with a village mothers’ meeting?

TS can’t wait for this year’s installment – and remember, you’ll read about it here first.

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