Bravo One Zero

The champagne has been chilled, the caviar lovingly spread and the candles lit. This year Management Consultancy celebrates its tenth anniversary.

We’ve served consultants for 10 years, reporting on the stories that make a difference and holding a mirror to one of the most dynamic industries in the world.

In our first decade of publication, the industry has seen a period of monumental change. Mergers, acquisitions, closures and the radically new demands made by clients on consultants. If consultants are the chief proponents of change, they have also been among those who have themselves felt change most keenly. Consultants have had to adapt and survive and so has this magazine. Management Consultancy has changed from simply being a news source for consultants into a title that actively seeks the views of those it writes for. Your input into this magazine fuels debate.

The winds of change continue to blow. On page nine, we launch our feedback section. Over the past couple of months we have put the call out to readers to contribute opinions on a range of issues. Your response has been phenomenal and, for the first time, we are able to offer you a selection of the best responses we received. As a result of some of the feedback, we have put consultants who share views in touch with each other. We are well on our way to providing you with the interactive, dynamic, and valuable discussion forum that we promised you earlier this year.

We cannot afford to courier our champagne and caviar to each of you but on our anniversary we do offer each one of you our thanks for your input and loyalty over the past 10 years. We will continue to provide you with the vital information you need in order to serve your clients and maximise your career potential. Here’s to the next 10 years.

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