TV drama lifts lid on world of audit

The life of auditors is to be dramatised in a TV drama set to lift the lid on
the drug and drink fuelled world of public company audit.

A spokesman for the production company said the series would be
‘uncompromising’ in its efforts to reveal just how seedy and sordid the life of
an auditor can be. It is understood the working title for the epic will be
‘Going Concern.’

He added that it would be a cross between the Sopranos and Working Lunch.

‘There is a really challenging scene where one auditor sharpens a pencil for
almost eight minutes. It’s electric. Almost as good as Omar Sharif’s entry on a
camel in Lawrence of Arabia.

‘In another an audit partner gets himself through the day by popping a couple
of Ibubrofen and washes it down with a whole bottle of Ty Nant. That’s the most
expensive spring water in the world. It’s absolutely squalid.’

The series is expected to be shown on BBC 17 at 2.30am every Friday to catch
late night revellers as they come in from the office.

The lead role is expected to be taken by Jason Statham, of big screen
Transporter fame, after Vin Diesel turned down the part. Statham is thought to
be the only actor capable of bringing the right combinantion of charisma and
studied tedium to the role. Love interest is set to be maintained by Kerry
Katona who plays an unstoppable insolvency practitioner.

The series is expected to hit the small screen at the end of the financial
year and will be repeated on a loop on BBC4 for all eternity.

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