Stoys advertises the art of multiplication

Half a million pounds was set aside by BDO Stoy Hayward last week for a national advertising campaign. Using an innuendo-laden ‘teaser’ – ‘Go forth/Come here and multiply’ – the poster campaign is a radical departure from the firm’s standard professional services marketing practices, and aims to promote its ‘Business Grow-How’ expertise.

Adrian Martin, Stoys managing partner, denied the high-impact campaign was a defensive measure to fight off intense competition among Group A. ‘It sends a clear message that our target continues to be growing business,’ he said.

‘This campaign is not a short-term measure, but part of a long-term strategy.

It is an awareness campaign and the most important thing is to associate our name with growing businesses,’ he said.

Referring to efforts by other firms, such as Robson Rhodes, to replicate Big Six culture, Martin said: ‘We are not trying to be all things to all men. If a firm has a clear focus it can be very successful.’

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