PracticeConsultingAccountants must get more involved in web 2.0 projects

Accountants must get more involved in web 2.0 projects

New web technology projects need accountants to run the rule over them, urges CIMA

Pushing your company to use the latest web technology could lead to failure,

Too many web 2.0 projects are started with proper care and attention, or
aligning it to a robust business case, the institute said in its report Beyond
Enthusiasm: Making the business case for your organisation’s use of web 2.0.

Finance professionals are urged to get involved in projects to make them more

“The difficulty of assembling and presenting decision-useful information is
not an excuse to avoid making a business case,” Louise Ross, a CIMA technical
specialist and author of the report.

“It is the role of the management accountant to find and combine internal and
external information of various types into an analysis and to ensure that
enthusiasts can’t convince management to undertake projects which don’t have a
good strategic fit for the company.”

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