Deloitte poaches transfer pricing leader from HMRC

Deloitte has managed to lure senior HM Revenue & Customs transfer pricing
official Richard Coombes to the firm.

Coombes rejoins Deloitte from HMRC, having enjoyed a previous five-year spell
with the firm from 1999 to 2004.

At HMRC, Coombes was responsible for creating the role of Large Business
Service transfer pricing specialist. He advised on major enquiries and played a
key role in developing the Varney Review.

‘Richard’s appointment adds to the capability and depth of knowledge of our
team, and underlines Deloitte’s commitment to giving UK businesses access to an
unparalleled transfer pricing service,’ said Mark Atkinson, head of transfer
pricing at Deloitte.

Coombes said of his appointment: ‘The combination of increasing regulatory
demands and the transformation within HMRC, along with rapid business change and
growing complexity make transfer pricing an area of prime importance for UK

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