Following in their parents’ footsteps

The Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy poll showed that despite persisting stereotypes of the profession, 69% of FDs are so happy with their jobs that they would actively encourage their children to train as accountants.

The findings may come as a surprise to readers who see accountancy as a less than glamorous occupation. However, it seems that for those at the top the pros greatly outnumber the cons.

Figures from an Accountancy Age survey in 1999 revealed similar enthusiasm for accountancy as a career choice.

This time, FDs listed ‘stability’ and ‘good pay’ among the top reasons for recommending their line of work. Moreover, many were keen to dispel the myths surrounding the job. One respondent, who remains nameless, said: ‘It is very lucrative and you can end up anywhere in the world with a career in accountancy’.

Some FDs saw accountancy as a launch pad for better things and one pointed to the rise in status of alternatives: ‘I would have recommended accountancy twenty years ago. Now I would probably recommend management consultancy or something in the IT field. These seem to be the real growth areas today,’ he said.

Of the 17% who would not recommend their job a number blamed their disinterest on reputation: ‘Too much work and not enough pay; no fresh air and you become too conscientious; people think you are boring. I could go on!’ said one FD.


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