Taking Stock – Chas ‘N’ Dave rabbit their way to fame.

For those of you who admire fluent speakers, people who can tell it like it is, reel off the soundbites and generally rabbit on gamely even when the topic is exhausted, you should look no further than the ACCA’s Chas and Dave.

Fast becoming known as the most quoted double act in accountancy, tax supremo Chas Roy-Chaudhury and small business emprasario David Harvey enjoy the dubious fate of forming a partnership to rival the cockney songsters.

Where the London singing duo sport beards and natty waist coats, ACCA’s pair don pin stripes and silk ties. It is unknown whether they have good voices but we hear they are available for weddings, cockney pub singalongs and, of course, lunch.

At such events where the real Chas ‘n’ Dave would sing Rabbit, the ACCA act sings Debit. Down to Margate, should the two defect to the English ICA, could become Down to Moorgate – the options are endless.

But their real talent is getting on TV. Hardly a day goes by without one of them appearing before cameras.

A warning: good things must come to end. For the real Chas and Dave, fame was agonisingly brief. Now playing East end pubs and working men’s clubs they have long since lost their lustre. ACCA’s Chas and Dave should be wary of TV people bearing microphones.

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