Bigwigs back hairdresser VAT cut

A campaign for a 5% rate of VAT in the hairdressing industry has been given a
key boost after it won the support of major industry suppliers including Wella,
Schwarzkopf and L’Oreal Professional.

The industry heavyweights, represented by the Hairdressing & Beauty
Suppliers Association declared their support for the National Hairdressers’
Federation’s CuttheVAT campaign.

The NHF said: “This means that major industry players, including are among
the thousands of industry businesses with a combined annual revenue of many
billions of pounds that are committed to ensuring fair play for the nation’s
30,000- plus hairdressing salons.”

The HBSA’s endorsement enables the NHF to claim that the campaign it is
spearheading is “truly pan-industry encompassing the service providers,
educators and the businesses that supply them,” the NHF added.

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