2002 salary survey results

How long have you been employed in your current job?

Gold watches all round: accountancy is still a fiercely loyal profession, judging by the length of time most accountants have spent in their current job. Almost one in four have been in post for more than six years. At 15%, the number notching up double figures is also on the high side.


Do you see yourself remaining withing your organisation for the long term?

Tour of duty: by and large accountants are willing to stay in their current jobs for a respectable length of time. Many respondents declined to answer the question but most of those who did said they wanted to stay for five years but balked at the idea of a ten-year stint.


What benefits do you receive?

Benefits inclined: some 64% of accountants may say they want benefit packages from their employers but most aren’t getting them. Pension, tick, and healthcare, tick. But cars are less popular, not surprisingly given the tax changes of recent years. However, life assurance aside, that’s about it on the benefits front for most accountants.


What attracts you to a company or a firm?

Show me the money: salary is still the number one factor when it comes to choosing an employer, though working conditions, personal recognition and career progression all rank highly. However reputation in the market is key for 59% of respondents – a figure that is only likely to climb post-Enron.


Does your present organisation fulfil these needs

Mixed emotions: working conditions, working hours, salary and reputation are OK, but everything else leaves something to be desired. Not enough training, too few benefits and limited career progression is the message here.


What was the percentage increase on your last salary?

Crisis, what crisis?: the economy may be tanking, and accountants’ stock has never been lower in the eyes of the public. But most accountants are not feeling the heat on pay. One in ten saw pay packets rocket by over 10%, while around half of all accountants enjoyed inflation-busting rises.


What is the career development potential in your organisation?

Glass ceilings: despite ranking career progression as the fourth most important factor in choosing an employer, many accountants are unimpressed about their prospects. A whopping 63% say the development potential of their current job isn’t great.


Are you looking at other job vacancies?

Divided loyalties: just 26% of respondents to the survey are not looking at any other job vacancies ‘at all’. The rest are a pragmatic lot – most would look if one came a long, though 7% are actively searching.


How important was the following in your choice of accountancy as a career?

Sometimes the cliches are true: tradition rules when it comes to asking today’s accountants why they chose the profession as a career. A sound business qualification, a comfortable salary and an interesting job are what continue to attract new entrants, though recognition and working environment are important too.


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