Self assessment deadline a month away

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The firm said that by submitting returns on time the Inland Revenue would have to do all the hard work and calculate your tax obligation for you. ‘By submitting your form by 30 September you’re opting for the simpler route,’ said John Whiting, tax partner at PwC.

The firm provided five tips to meet the deadline:

  • Take the time to read the form carefully and do your homework – make sure you’ve got all the necessary papers and receipts
  • Refer to a copy of your previous year’s tax return as it’s a useful reference and starting point (if not already doing so, try and get in to the habit of making a photocopy)
  • Take particular care over the new areas this year – such as the details for claiming children’s tax credits
  • Don’t worry about the pennies (you can round down) and make sure you sign the form – it’s been a common cause of rejection!
  • Always re-read your completed form and ensure figures add up. If you get stuck, read the notes, call the Revenue’s helpline or seek a qualified tax adviser for professional assistance

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