Deloitte expert to advise MPs on bonuses

The all-party Commons Treasury Committee has invited Deloitte partner Carol
Arrowsmith, among other expert witnesses, to advise MPs on the effect of
excesses in remuneration and incentive packages for bankers and senior bank

The session takes place at 2.30 pm this Wednesday, 19 November.

A statement from the committee said it was concerned at the relationship
between the structure of remuneration packages and excessive risk-taking within
financial institutions and would look at how incentives can be restructured to
best promote long-term sustainable growth and financial stability, both at the
institutional and system-wide levels.

MPs also want advice on the extent to which the FSA should intervene, the
role of board remuneration committees and shareholders, the need for a
coordinated/international approach and good practice on the disclosure and
transparency of arrangements.

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