PracticeConsultingCIMA results contd.

CIMA results contd.

Stage four, November 2000.

SHEIKH, RI, London East; SHEPPARD, NJ, London West; SHERRARD, MH, Carlisle; SHIEL, M, Dublin; SHIMMON, MJ, Ipswich; SHIRAZ MEHDI ZAIDI, London South; SHORE, L, London Central; SHREYHANE, JM, Newcastle; SIBLEY, EJ, Reading; SIDHU, RK, Leeds; SILLA, M, Oxford; SIMPSON, KZ, Brighton; SINDALL, JE, Barking; SINGH, E, Coventry; SINGH, G, Leeds; SINGH, G, London Central; SINGHAL, N, Winchester; SIVAYOGAN, N, Croydon; SIYOLWE, BS, London South; SKIGGS, JP, Bristol; SLADE, ME, London South; SLEVIN, CL, Maidstone; SLEVIN, DC, London Central; SMALL, JRL, Cambridge; SMART, PA, Derby; SMITH, EA, Guildford; SMITH, IM, Walsall; SMITH, JC, London South; SMITH, JE, Belfast; SMITH, JO, Northampton; SMITH, KAR, Sheffield; SMITH, ML, Birmingham; SMITH, ML, Reading; SMITH, SA, Kingston-Upon-Thames; SMITHSON, EE, Worthy Down; SMYTH, OA, Dublin; SNOW, JM, London West; SOMAN, SK, Croydon; SONDHI, HS, Bracknell; SOUFIPOUR, S, London North; SOUTHALL, KP, Chelmsford; SOUTHWICK, PF, Newcastle; SPARGO, MJ, Exeter; SPECK, JG, Peterborough; SPEIGHT, SP, Leeds; SPENCER, DR, Reading; SPENCER, TL, Sheffield; SPOONER, DJ, Peterborough; SPOONER, EF, Southampton; SPOONER, LA, Reading; SPURR, SJ, Wigan; SRINIVASAN, S, London West; STAINES, LK, Oxford; STANBURY, AJ, Winchester; STANBURY, C, Southampton; STATHIS, M, Kingston-Upon-Thames; STEER, ME, Bristol; STENNING, R, Maidstone; STENZEL, HT, Liverpool; STEPHENSON, L, Colwyn Bay; STEVENS, JL, Watford; STEVENSON, AN, Winchester; STEVENSON, P, Hamilton; STEVENSON, SA, Belfast; STEWART, CD, Hamilton; STEWART, J, Glasgow; STEWART, JJ, Edinburgh; STEWART, L, Worcester; STEWART, P, London South; STIRLING, C, Glasgow; STITCHELL, SG, London West; STOCK, DJ, Coventry; STOCK, J, Guildford; STOCKILL, J, Wakefield; STODDART, AD, London North; STOKES, AP, Blackburn; STOKES, TJR, Watford; STOKES, TP, London North; STONE, CD, Wigan; STONE, HE, Bournemouth; STONE, MI, Wakefield; STONE, TM, London Central; STORM, DA, Aberdeen; STOVELL, DA, Ipswich; STRETTON, DP, Walsall; STRONG, AJ, Reading; STRONGE, C, Dublin; STUART, JL, Brighton; STUBBS, EP, London South; STURLEY, FH, Oxford; STYLIANOU, I, London Central; SUDDES, MJ, Newcastle; SUGANTHAN, S, Croydon; SUKUMAR, AAP, Watford; SULLIVAN, JL, Manchester; SULLIVAN, TJ, Dublin; SUMAL, M, London West; SUMRA, S, Maidenhead; SUTCLIFFE, PS, Manchester; SUTTON, A, London Central; SWALES, P, Luton; SWAN, NJ, Coventry; SWAN, RO, London Central; SWANN, MO, Birmingham; SWANN, S, Wigan; SWEENEY, PJ, Newcastle; SWEETING, PD, London Central; SYED SHAFAT QASIM, London South

TANFIELD, TJD, Manchester; TATA, Z, London West; TATUM, J, Wigan; TAYLOR, CV, Stoke; TAYLOR, DP, Manchester; TAYLOR, DR, Sheffield; TAYLOR, GT, Blackburn; TAYLOR, J, Carlisle; TAYLOR, JW, Bracknell; TAYLOR, MR, London Central; TAYLOR, NC, Glasgow; TAYLOR, ND, London West; TAYLOR, VA, Bristol; TAYLOR, ZB, Manchester; TEMPLE, C, Dublin; TEMPLE, EL, London West; TENNANT, N, Northampton; TERRY, JA, Birmingham; THAKRAR, R, Leicester; THARMAKULASINGAM, K, Kingston-Upon-Thames; THIND, S, Barking; THOMAS, A, Bristol; THOMAS, AC, Brighton; THOMAS, LK, Bristol; THOMAS, MS, Reading; THOMAS, O, London Central; THOMAS, SM, York; THOMPSON, AL, Glasgow; THOMPSON, C, Newcastle; THOMPSON, CH, Derby; THOMPSON, DJ, Luton; THOMPSON, MC, London West; THOMSON, S, Peterborough; THOMSON-MOORE, JM, Chester; THORPE, CV, London South; THROUP, G, Leeds; THYNNE, PD, Chelmsford; TIGHE, AC, Basildon; TIMPERLEY, N, Reading; TOLLERTON, NJ, London South; TONJES, I, London West; TOOHER, C, Douglas; TOOKE, DS, Chelmsford; TOONE, K, Northampton; TOPAN, K, Leicester; TOULMIN, H, Bracknell; TOWNDROW, ER, Derby; TRANG, H, London Central; TREACY, AE, Nottingham; TRESADERN, JS, Cambridge; TRIPATHI, N, Edinburgh; TROKE, CH, London South; TRUONG, NT, Barking; TULLY, KA, Guildford; TURNBULL, RP, Kingston-Upon-Thames; TURNER, LJ, Leeds; TURNER, PJ, Chester; TURNER-BISHOP, AP, London North; TURTON, NRA, Southampton

UDAWATTE, PSN, London West; UDDIN, T, London East; URSELL, GM, Birmingham

VAHEY, JJ, Athlone; VAN CAMPEN, P, Maidstone; VAN ROOYEN, HP, London Central; VANCE, A, Manchester; VAUGHAN, GA, Watford; VAUGHAN, PA, Liverpool; VENKATESWARAN, KS, Watford; VERNON, MJ, Derby; VIRK, JS, Walsall; VONDERDELL, SP, Kingston-Upon-Thames

WADIA, Y, London Central; WAKEFIELD, NP, WorcesterWAKEFIELD, SJ, Preston; WALES, BD, Worthy Down; WALKER, C, Norwich; WALKER, DC, York; WALKER, DE, Newport; WALKER, JD, Carlisle; WALKINGTON, DM, Derby; WALL, SR, Orpington; WALL, TM, Glasgow; WALLACE, C, Edinburgh; WALLER, A, Newcastle; WALLIS, CR, Chelmsford; WALLIS, SL, London East; WALSH, A, Limerick; WALSH, A, Nottingham; WALSH, DJ, London Central; WALSH, HM, Dublin; WALSH, J, Dublin; WALSH, PC, London North; WARBURTON, JEL, Coventry; WARD, AE, Croydon; WARD, KFV, Kuala Lumpur; WARD, MC, Derby; WAREHAM, JM, Sheffield; WARMAN, PJ, London North; WARREN, A, Manchester; WARREN, D, London Central; WATERSTON, W, Edinburgh; WATKINS, AP, Derby; WATSON, ER, Lerwick; WATSON, GJ, Watford; WATSON, NBD, Northampton; WATSON, SH, Edinburgh; WAUGH, M, Reading; WAYMAN, SW, Newcastle; WEAVING, BJ, Birmingham; WEBB, DJ, Maidstone; WEBB, PM, Shrewsbury; WEBSTER, D, Nottingham; WEBSTER, SC, Leicester; WEEKES, DT, London East; WEINERT, C, Luton; WEIR, IA, Chelmsford; WEIR, SP, Chelmsford; WELFARE, AJ, London Central; WELLESLEY, HA, Bristol; WEMYSS, FC, Swindon; WEST, LV, Guildford; WEST, MR, Cardiff; WEST, TA, Coventry; WESTLAKE, JH, Bradford; WESTMORELAND, MT, Oxford; WESTON, LR, Northampton; WESTWOOD, SL, Leicester; WHATMOUGH, L, Bristol; WHEELER, KR, Taunton; WHIPP, T, London Central; WHITE, AM, Leeds; WHITE, GP, Birmingham; WHITE, IE, Bournemouth; WHITE, SA, Belfast; WHITE, TC, Chelmsford; WHITEHEAD, PL, Colwyn Bay; WHITEHOUSE, KM, Middlesbrough; WHITTAKER, RA, Leeds; WHITTY, SA, Maidenhead; WIGNALL, WJG, Barking; WILDES, PE, Sheffield; WILKINS, AC, Birmingham; WILKINSON, AJ, Middlesbrough; WILLIAMS, AJ, London East; WILLIAMS, CA, London South; WILLIAMS, KA, Wigan; WILLIAMS, L, Southampton; WILLIAMS, LJ, Exeter; WILLIAMS, M, Leeds; WILLIAMS, NL, Reading; WILLIAMS, P, Liverpool; WILLIAMS, RA, Winchester; WILLIS, DJ, London Central; WILSON, GW, Cambridge; WILSON, K, Dublin; WILSON, LL, London Central; WILSON, PJ, Cambridge; WINDMILL, R, Luton; WINNICOTT, RJA, London West; WINTER, LY, Bradford; WISEDALE, JN, Wigan; WISENER, RC, Belfast; WITHERS, EL, Kingston-Upon-Thames; WIXON, RL, London Central; WOLZ, FA, Chelmsford; WOODCOCK, JS, York; WOODLAND, CJL, London Central; WOODWARD, CA, Peterborough; WOOLLETT, K, Nottingham; WORTHINGTON, AM, Blackburn; WORTS, BA, Worcester; WRIGHT, CM, Kingston-Upon-Thames; WRIGHT, CP, Walsall; WRIGHT, NJ, Sheffield; WRIGHT, P, Nottingham; WRIGHT, PJR, Liverpool; WRIGHT, SJ, Southampton; WYKE, JA, Shrewsbury; WYLLIE, C, Edinburgh; WYSE, SM, Cheltenham

YAFFE, ER, Manchester; YATES, NJ, Coventry; YAU, K, Croydon; YAW OWUSU-BREMPONG, London East; YOUNG, PE, Derby; YOUNG, SA, Leicester; YOUNGER, A, Newcastle

ZIMA, J, Preston; ZIN THIN HLAING, London East

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