Chartered accountants at home with e-business strategy

A new survey conducted by the English ICA at its annual conference dedicated to promoting e-commerce shows that 65% of chartered accountants have already adopted an e-business strategy and a further 24% intend to do so in the next 12 months.

John Collier, secretary general, said: ‘It is gratifying to see that the profession is not only keeping up with the incredible rate of change brought by the new economy but positively embracing this economy as an integral part of business planning.’

An emphatic 93% of those polled dismissed the recent e-business failures, such as, and share price volatility saying e-business would continue to flourish provided that it was not overregulated.

Chartered accountants’ enthusiasm for e-business was reflected in attendance figures at the institute’s conference which reached full capacity well before subscriptions closed.

Collier said: ‘I believe by adopting a flexible and innovative approach to the dot-com revolution Chartered Accountants have gained a real edge with e-commerce. This year’s annual conference is a case in point. Not only was the event webcast live from our website, but the significant over subscription we experienced was down in no small part to the on-line booking service we introduced for the first time. The significant take up through this interface was indicative of a profession at ease with the new technology.’

English ICA urges tougher e-controls

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