Tories plan to ditch climate change levy

Tory leader David Cameron is to make a speech today outlining plans to ditch
the controversial climate change levy and replace it with, what the party claims
is a more effective green tax.

Speaking in Oslo Cameron will outline plans for a new ‘carbon levy’ to
replace the levy on energy use by business introduced in 2001.

Conservatives argue that the CLL is ineffective, as it does not distinguish
between ‘high carbon’ forms of energy production such as coal generation and
‘low carbon’ forms such as gas-generated electricity and nuclear power.

The party’s policy review group on the quality of life is to be asked to draw
up detailed changes to the tax system and the use of market mechanisms to
transform the way companies affect the environment.

It is expected to be finalised next year and will not impact on individuals
or raise any extra revenue overall, the Tories claimed.

Ton Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth said Gordon Brown had shown a
‘real reluctance to face up to green challenges’.

But he said of the Tories: ‘The detail of what David Cameron would do is
still not there, though we welcome the fact that he is competing to be seen to
be greener than Labour.

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