Tory plan to amend Finance Bill fails

A Tory proposal to amend the Finance Bill to stop the Vehicle Excise Duty
(VED) plans was rejected by 303 votes to 240 yesterday despite a Commons motion
against it, signed by almost 50 Labour backbenchers, calling the changes
‘retrospective’ because they will apply to all cars registered since March 2001.

Shadow treasury minister Justine Greening told Sky News the
Conservatives did not have a problem with VED being linked to the level of
pollution of cars.

‘What we do have a problem with is ineffective green taxation that is nothing
to do with the environment and is everything about eco stealth taxes,’ she said.

Labour backbencher Mark Fisher said it was ‘an extremely unsatisfactory form
of taxation’, while Robert Marris, Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West said:
‘I hope that he (Darling) reconsiders carefully, and is not in any way stampeded
by some of the siren voices around us.’

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