Taking Stock – Revenue in knickers spin

These days if you blink, you’ll probably miss an Inland Revenue clampdown – offshore trusts, personal services companies, the list is endless. Top 20 firm Baker Tilly has uncovered a startling new anti-avoidance target – nurses’ underwear. As well as being able to claim an allowance for their uniforms, nurses can also submit a special form claiming relief on their laundry expenses – because of all the blood, sweat and tears they encounter, you see. But according to Baker Tilly, Revenue officials were worried that nurses might be washing their smalls in the same tax-free load as their uniforms. To prevent this shocking tax abuse the claim form now includes the declaration: ‘I laundered my uniform separately from other items of clothing in a high temperature wash.’ So, next time you pay a visit to the laundrette, keep your eyes peeled for undercover special compliance office staff.

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