Taking Stock – Porter presents perfect Budget figure for PwC.

Word has reached TS that following the success of inviting Radio 1 DJ Mark Goodier to count down the ten top tips from the last budget, PwC is set to do it all again – possibly with the assistance of pin-up Gail Porter next time. Porter – who is no stranger to highbrow goings on, particularly at the Houses of Parliament (in a recent publicity stunt her naked body was projected onto the side of the House) – now appears to be a front-runner for the job, especially since she began to host Top of the Pops. Goodier counted down PwC’s top ten tips at this year’s Budget with the famous Top of the Pops theme tune in the background. A similar style of presentation is expected next year and will go out on the firm’s website. A spokesman for the firm said the idea of hiring Porter was ‘great’. He added: ‘The Budget top ten was well received this year and we will be doing the same again next year. We believe it is a great way of livening up what is usually a very dry affair.’ PwC’s John Whiting and his cohorts will again contribute to the writing of the script for the chosen celeb. It will certainly be interesting to see whether the figures given to Porter are perfectly formed.

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