Obama ignored by US accountants

While other candidates in the Presidential primaries, including Hilary
Clinton, have attracted considerable donations from employees at the largest
accountants in the US, the Big Four fail to figure among Obama’s top 20 donors.

Obama is likely to have estranged accountants with his sponsorship of the
Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act, brought into effect last year, but it is rare for a
potential president to have no support from the big firms.

Employees from Ernst & Young formed the largest body of donors to the
Clinton/Gore campaign in 1996, and Gore in 2000, while in 2004 saw George W Bush
received large contributions from PwC , E&Y and Deloitte workers.

According to Washington’s Centre for Responsive Politics, E&Y accountants
make up the 16th largest group of donors to Hilary Clinton with $110,000
(£55,000) and are the largest group of donors to Republican candidate Rudolph
Giuliani, former mayor of New York.

Former Republican favourite Mitt Romney has the backing of PwC people who
have made the 14th largest body of donations.

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