NEWS FLASH: John Collier resigns from institute

No details or reasons are yet know for his decision to quit the £150,000-a-year post.

Collier was appointed general secretary in 1998 after spending a large part of his career at Price Waterhouse (now PricewaterhouseCoopers), where he was elected partner in 1981.

After leaving Price Waterhouse in 1992 he worked as chief executive of independent financial advisers Lowes Group and financial director at The Earth Centre, an environmental visitors centre in South Yorkshire.

Other positions at the ICAEW include chairman of the executive (1997); chairman of the Practice Regulation Directorate (1993/97); chairman of the Joint Monitoring Unit (1995/97); chairman of the Audit Registration Committee (1993/97); chairman of the Post Qualification Committee (1992/93).

At the time of his appointment, Collier said the decision to call the top job ‘secretary general’, as opposed to ‘chief executive’, ‘denoted an intention to have a different sort of person running the institute’.

‘We want to make the institute more businesslike and less of a civil service institution, and make it more accessible to members,’ he said at the time.

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