Revenue takes aim at Welsh Rugby clubs

Link: English rugby finances all black

The licence usually costs a paltry £16 every three years, but under the government’s new Licencing Act, the Revenue will now hit clubs with a £500 one- off fee, then a £150-a-year charge.

This may mean that clubs will be forced to charge supporters and players enjoying post-match drinks more for their pints.

The government claims the new laws will make licencing easier across the board, but clubs claim it is unfair, with one club secretary saying: ‘Club members will moan and groan, but in the end it’s a case of having to accept it these days.’

The Welsh Rugby Union said it was concerned by the developments, but said there was nothing it could do about.

David Moffett, WRU chief executive said: ‘Anything that financially disadvantages our clubs is of concern to us although in this case there is little or nothing the WRU can do to effect a change in national legislation.’

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