Auditors save UN £14m in efficiency drive

Link: IFAC to work with UN on corporate governance

In its annual report to the UN general assembly, the Office of Internal Oversight Services stated that more than half of the 541 recommendations it made during 2003/04 had been implemented or are being worked upon. Some savings have come from field audits unmasking fraud, mismanagement or poor financial or administrative planning.

In one case, said the report, a security officer with the international criminal tribunal for Rwanda defrauded the UN of $130,000 by submitting fraudulent claims for education grants.

In another, an honorary representative of the UN High Commission for Refugees was found to be organising the buying and reselling, at a profit, of international driver licences. The representative’s contract was not renewed.

The report highlighted the 153 audits conducted in 2003/04. The resulting recommendations called for $16.4m of savings and recoveries, but the office said an extra $10.2m was actually saved when some recommendations from previous years were finally implemented.

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