Satyam trio face lie detector test

Three key suspects in the $1bn-plus Satyam Computer Services fraud have been
ordered to undergo lie-detector and brain-mapping tests by a local court in

Requesting authority for these tests, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation
told the court that ex-chairman Ramalinga Raju, his brother Rama Raju and former
CFO Vadlamani Srinivas ‘did not give proper answers to crucial questions during
the custodial interrogation, which would have enabled CBI to establish certain

The brain-mapping test will require the accused to sit before a computer
displaying certain scenes and sounds connected to the fraud while head sensors
will monitor electrical brain activity.

It could provide investigators with valuable leads, although the Hyderabad
court clearly stated that any self-incriminating statement made during the test,
could not be used by the prosecution.

All the accused have been remanded in custody since January and face charges
of cheating, criminal conspiracy, falsification of records and forgery.

The auditors accused in the Satyam scandal were not part of this brain test

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