Red tape task force under fire

In a report, the IoD claims the Working Families Tax Credit alone costs £300 per employee to administer and that small firms are typically spending six hours a week dealing with red tape.

And deputy head of the IoD’s policy unit, Richard Baron criticised the Better Regulation Task Force.

‘The task force was pushing the case for less regulation, because regulation damages business,’ he said.

‘Now it has lost its clearly focused remit, in favour of advising the government on action which improves the effectiveness and credibility of government regulation.’

‘There is no longer a presumption that regulations should be removed rather than added to.’

Teresa Graham, the deputy chair of the Better Regulation Task Force shared some of Baron’s concerns, but added: ‘Getting the promise of the Regulatory Reform Bill a major achievement in itself, as we need a vehicle to get rid of outdated regulation.’

The IoD’s report has contradicted earlier statements from the government on regulation.

Graham Stringer, Cabinet Office minister for regulatory issues said last week: ‘The government is committed to cutting red tape to make life easier for businesses and to help free staff time so they can concentrate on building up their business, not filling out forms.’


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