Jeans nominated for CIMA

Last week CIMA’s council put forward Jeans as its only nomination for junior vice president of the institute. The remaining barrier to his appointment will be a vote of members at the institute’s annual general meeting in June.

Before Jeans takes on leadership of the institute’s 100,000 qualified and trainee management accountants, the current post-holder, David Melvill, will move up to senior vice-president and Peter Layhe will take on the presidency.

Jeans defeated two other members of the council, whose identities are kept secret by CIMA, to get a clear run at the job. He said it was likely the council picked him out because he was a prominent member in practice.

‘We have nearly 2,000 members in practice and it is a growing proportion of our membership,’ he said.

He highlighted education and regulation as hot topics the institute will need to deal with over the next couple of years.

Jeans was a member of the original Swinson committee charged with building a system of self-regulation that would satisfy the government.

‘It’s obviously something I have kept a watching brief on because it has an impact on management accountants,’ Jeans said.

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