Lib Dems to claim tax cut mantle

The Liberal Democrat party will attempt to reposition itself as a tax-cutting
party today at the start of its annual conference.

Economics spokesman Vince Cable will tell party activists that they have a
‘duty’ to present themselves as a tax-cutting party, in a policy shift that is
expected to meet resistance from many party members.

Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, wants to reduce tax bills for bills for low and
medium earners by the equivalent of 4p off income tax. He also wants to offer
further tax cuts by using money saved from axing £20 billion of Whitehall

‘I keep reading in the press that some of our activists don’t like the
language of tax cutting; they think it is ‘right wing’,” Cable will say in a
keynote speech ahead of the tax debate,’ according to the Press Association news

‘But I don’t see what is ‘right wing’ about wanting to cut the taxes of
millions of people who earn less or barely more than the equivalent of the
minimum wage.’

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