CIPFA ‘would merge’

CIPFA chief executive David Adams has given his clearest hint yet that the troubled public-sector body would be willing to merge with another accountancy institute to stave off financial problems caused by falling student numbers.

Speaking to Accountancy Age at last week’s CIPFA conference in Brighton, Adams said: ‘If anybody came to us and offered a merger on the basis of equals, we would seriously consider it.’

In the past, Adams has always denied that CIPFA would consider merging.

But last week, he said: ‘We believe in the long term that the sector needs to be rationalised. None of the supposed merger proposals of the last ten years have been anything other than power play.’ He added that if no reasonable proposals were brought to the table ‘we can prosper well on our own’.

ACCA chief executive Anthea Rose said: ‘ACCA has always felt that rationalisation was desirable but it has got to be on the basis that there remains diversity and choice within the profession.’

Scots ICA chief executive Peter Johnston said he had not discussed a merger with CIPFA despite close formal links between the two bodies. ‘It’s not part of our strategy, but I’ll never ever say never.’

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