Government moves to cut red-tape with one-stop shop initiative aimed at business

The Infoshop project is an IT-based one-stop shop which will allow government staff to answer complex questions on regulation.

It comes as the government prepared, in a separate move, to announce improvements to its websites, ensure senior officials realise the internet is important and bring more services online.

The Infoshop is intended to cut red tape and was launched at Thurrock Borough Council where cabinet office minister, Graham Stringer, said: ‘Local authorities play an important role in enforcing regulations, and the local one-stop infoshops will remove unneccessary red tape, making it quicker and easier for people to get information on a wide range of regulatory issues.’

The drive to improve government services on the internet is being spearheaded by Alex Allan who is to be known as the ‘e-envoy’.

Speaking at a seminar on Government on the Web, he said: ‘We can save the taxpayer millions of pounds as well as revolutionise the convenience and accessibility of public services through new technology.’

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