Graduates seek security in government jobs

Aspiring accountants are looking to the public sector for job security as
interest wanes in the troubled banking sector following the global financial

Graduates searching for work in the finance sector are increasingly enrolling
in courses aimed at public sector positions, the Financial Times

Enrolment in the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy’s main
award, which is sponsored mainly by public sector employers, is up 20% on the

CIPFA’s director of education and training, Adrian Pulham, told the newspaper
there remains a need for skilled financial managers to manage policies brought
in during the recession.

`If history can be any guide, the last two recessions demonstrated that at a
time of [relative] contraction in public spending, you actually need not
necessarily more, but at least an equivalent number of highly skilled financial
managers to manage the process,’ he said.

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales executive director
Raymond Madden told the FT that graduates are being attracted by the
relative security of a government job, considered to be: `a safer haven than
being at an investment bank’.

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scheme becoming popular

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