ICAEW launch online student community

An online tool has been launched with the aim of bringing the global ICAEW
student community closer together.

Using blogs, discussion forums and various other social networking
applications, students are able to interact and advise each other from anywhere
in the world as well as speak directly to tutors prior to exams.

James Bulloss, chair of the ICAEW student council, said: ‘The concept of
social networking has become an integral part of society and the growth of the
ICAEW around the world, with the launch of the South East Asia and Russia
student networks, means that the chance to share experiences and knowledge on a
global basis now exists.

‘The student community is a fantastic opportunity for all students to have a
forum outside of their immediate location and year group,’ he added.

The idea, which was spearheaded on the back of research that a global online
community would be fully supported, was originally designed to help ACA,
certificate in finance and accounting and business students with training and
wider career opportunities.

A new component of the website will take effect from today and tomorrow
labeled ‘tutor sessions’ which allows students are able to participate in a Q
&A session with a tutor prior to an exam.

A teacher from the London School of Business and Finance will be online today
and tomorrow to answer questions from students sitting the professional stage
exams in September.

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