Lloyds TSB offers tax returns service

Lloyds TSB
has launched a tax returns service for its customers.

The High Street bank is offering three levels of tax return service: online
at £99, standard at £199, and complex at £249.

About half the nine million people who fill in a tax return do so without
professional help.

‘Having expert support takes the stress out of the whole process and provides
valuable peace of mind,’ said Jacqueline Pateman-Jones, head of wealth
protection and wealth management at Lloyds TSB.

Grant Thornton senior tax partner Mike Warburton said the scheme operated in
a different market to that provided by tax advisers, who tend to focus on
complex returns.

‘I think the scheme’s for those who wouldn’t normally employ an accountant,
so it’s got to be a bulk offering,’ said Warburton. ‘You’re not going to get a
personal service.’

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