IASB issues amendment to IFRS 2

Accounting Standards Board
(IASB) has issued an amendment to IFRS 2
share-based payment, dealing with two matters – clarifying that vesting
conditions are service conditions and performance conditions only.

Other features of a share-based payment are not vesting conditions. The
amendment also specifies that all cancellations, whether by the entity or by
other parties, should receive the same accounting treatment.

The issues addressed in the amendment were first published in an exposure
draft of proposed amendments to IFRS 2 – vesting conditions and
in February 2006.

In response to comments received during consultation, IASB decided to add to
the ‘guidance on implementing IFRS 2’ guidance on the determination of whether a
condition was a vesting condition and on the accounting treatment for conditions
that were not vesting conditions.

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