Deloitte puts Man Utd top of the league

Link: Profile: Nick Humby, Manchester United FD

Last season the Red Devils managed to generate £167.8m in revenue, enabling them to top the list for the seventh successive year. Closest rival Juventus pulled in £145.8m for the 2002/03 season.

Elsewhere in the list Premiership clubs were strongly represented. Arsenal moved up a place from last year to seventh with turnover of just under £100m, closely followed by Liverpool, Newcastle United and Chelsea. Arsenal’s rivals Tottenham Hotspur came 15th in the list while, surprisingly, crisis-hit club Leeds United managed to reach number 16 in the list with £61.4m revenue.

‘The top clubs in the world’s number one sport are generating more income than ever before,’ said Dan Jones, director of the sports business group at Deloitte. ‘Broadcast income is the largest single source for most clubs and despite the widespread speculation of a collapse in media values, we think this is unlikely. At the same time, many of football’s leading clubs have a great, and as yet underused, opportunity to significantly develop other income stream, particularly from their stadia.’

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