Game over for Wimbledon scams

The Inland Revenue has decided to play hard ball with Wimbledon homeowners hoping to profit from the forthcoming championships.

Link: Revenue to target residents who profit from Wimbledon

Accountancy Age reported last year that homeowners near the All England Lawn Tennis Club were being warned about a possible clampdown by the Inland Revenue on income from renting rooms, houses or running other sideline businesses.

And according to The Times, this year the Revenue will indeed be mingling with the crowds at Wimbledon in an attempt to grass up any locals who avoid tax on their sideline earnings.

It is estimated that the Revenue could net more than £500,000 from families who give up their houses to tennis fans or players during the championships.

Those who fail to declare earnings from Wimbledon can be served with a fine and demands for back tax.

A Revenue spokeswoman said: ‘It’s the job of our investigations team to know what is going on in the area. People are well aware when their income will be taxable – there is no excuse for that income not to be declared. Our advice is – don’t wait for us to come looking for you.’

It was not clear whether the investigators would be entitiled to watch the game while performing their duties.

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