Lack of ‘net nous’ causing accountants to waste thousands

The study found ‘a lack of net nous’ was costing accountants thousands of pounds, according to Internet specialist FreeCheck.

Some accountants are charged by telephone companies when they dial the internet to check for emails, even if there are no messages for them.

The study found 52% of an accountancy firm’s Internet connections are wasted attempts to check for mail – while a number of firms cannot afford to dial the internet less frequently for fear of responding too slowly to customers.

‘Firms of all sizes are increasingly reliant on e-mail to communicate with colleagues and customers across the country. But what they rarely realise is that dialling up for e-mails always comes with a cost, even when there is nothing to read,’ said FreeCheck Internet managing director Mike Brown.

‘The result is that accountancy practices are haemorrhaging thousands of pounds unnecessarily.’

In response, the virtual company has launched a service aimed to provide all sized companies with a way of reducing their bills – and claimed they are able to undercut traditional players as they did not have a physical presence or large overheads.

The service charges at a standard local call rate and doesn’t require a fee to join, while users can retain their e-mail addresses.

Brown added: ‘We are able to introduce this service as there is a large amount of fat on the bills traditional ISPs such as AOL produce. They charge users 5p for calls even when there are no e-mails to read. We refuse to make that charge.’

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