Prosecutors show evidence that Snipes hates the IRS

The tax evasion and fraud trial of Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes has now
turned up evidence indicating that the star could be a taxman hater.

Snipes’ defence team have consistently tried to distance their client from
his co-accused, two tax advisers Douglas Rosile and Eddie Kahn who persuaded the
actor to not pay his taxes.

But prosecutors have started to show evidence which they say will show
Snipes’ hatred for the US Internal Revenue Service,

Prosecutors showed that Rosile and Kahn stood to make a six-figure cut from a
fraudulent refund Snipes was claiming, according to a letter by Kahn expressing
interest in working for Snipes in his ‘anti-tax’ cause.

Prosecutors also told the court that they intend to show further similar
writings from Snipes proving he shared the views of his co-accused, approved of
their tactics and willingly took part in a criminal conspiracy to avoid paying
millions in taxes.

In defence of his client, Snipes’ lawyer Robert Bernhoft said that the
majority of the evidence had ‘absolutely nothing to do with Wesley Snipes.’

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