Extent of Dome crisis revealed

According to the secret report, passed to the Sunday Times, the ‘culture . . . of financial control’ meant that the Dome operators had no idea of what it owed or had paid for.

The report also disclosed that sponsors, including McDonald’s and British Airways, still owe £5m.

‘The report, commissioned by David James, the dome’s new chairman, admits that many invoices have gone unpaid for months and that staff may take industrial action against further cuts,’ the paper said.

Nomura was not allowed to see a copy of the report before its withdrawal, although it was told of the main elements.

But the financier is believed to have thought those details were sufficiently worrying to withdraw from the prospective its £105m deal to turn the dome into a working theme park.

The National Audit Office is expected to submit its report on the dome’s finances later this month.

PwC declined to comment this morning.

Sunday Times: Secret dome report lays bare true scale of financial chaos

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