KPMG partner’s bail set at £14m

In what will be the biggest criminal tax case in US history, former
KPMG partner David Greenberg has been released on $25m (£14.4m) bail by a US
federal judge and ordered to live under electronic monitoring until the trial

He is one of 17 former KPMG partners and managers who were charged over the
Big Four firm’s alleged sale of abusive tax shelters which prosecutors have
estimated to have cost the US Treasury $2.5bn.

District judge Lewis Kaplan warned Greenberg that if he fled the country his
family would face financial ruin.

He is the only defendant to be arrested by authorities when the indictments
were handed down in October last year, WebCPA reported.

He has also been accused of falsifying documents, coaching a co-conspirator
to lie to investigators, and misleading investigators about whether he had
surrendered all his passports.

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