SAP set to announce price increases for support

SAP is set to announce next month whether it will go ahead with customer-wide
price increases for its support services.

The financial software giant will reveal if its self imposed performance
targets have been met, which could mean customers will be moved from standard
support packages to a one-size-fits all offering,

The predicted move has come under criticism by users, as it could mean some
would pay more for their services package.

SAP agreed a set of key
performance indicators earlier this year with its user group Executive Network,
which will monitor the support services of the company.

SAP UK & Ireland User Group chairman, Alan Bowling, said: “It’s been hard
work, but it’s been groundbreaking stuff. SAP is the only software group I am
aware of trying to do something like this, linking price to value

If the KPIs are not met the new package will not go ahead.

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