KPMG forensics poaches top NHS director


A former NHS director has joined
KPMG’s forensic services

Jim Gee, the health department’s director of Counter Fraud Services, takes up
a post at KPMG after eight years in government where he created the NHS Counter
Fraud Service from scratch, putting in place more than 500 Counter Fraud

Gee is credited for his approach, which led to a 55% reduction in losses due
to patient fraud, a 96% successful prosecution rate, more than £800m in
financial benefits for the NHS and a return on budgetary investment in counter
fraud work of 12:1.

He is set to further develop this role, helping KPMG clients improve their
counter fraud measures and reduce losses by transferring elements of the public
service model he created, where appropriate, into their own practices and

Gee said: ‘After some great years at the NHS, I am really looking forward to
working with private companies to help them in the battle against fraud. It is
often assumed that best practice arises in the private sector and then needs to
be transferred to the public sector.

‘However, I believe that there are many great things happening in the public
sector that private companies can learn from. Some of the measures implemented
in the NHS could very usefully be applied in the outside commercial world too.’

KPMG Forensic is a rapidly expanding part of the firm, as fraud prevention
and detection become increasingly high priorities for companies of all kinds and
sizes. Revenue grew by 33% in the financial year to 30 September 2006, while
headcount expanded by 25%.

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