Taking Stock – TS says goodbye to Chick Jacob.

Chick Jacob, the cartoonist ‘Chic’, who added to the joy of TS in Accountancy Age for over 20 years, has died.

His pocket cartoons which appeared from the mid-70s until the late 1990s brought that extra touch of fun and a quirky view of life to the week’s off-beat news and disasters in the profession.

His sharply defined drawing made their points clear and his original sense of humour created the laughter. He made the world of accountancy one of fun, not necessarily a natural attribute of the profession.

Perhaps a sign of how well he understood accountants was the number of times we received requests from his subjects for the cartoon’s original. He gladly consented to requests asking only for a donation to charity.

Quite a few no doubt still adorn partners’ walls.

His optimism was unquenchable and his appearance in the Accountancy Age office to draw the weekly cartoon was a point when harassed journalists could guarantee to find themselves smiling. He was greatly loved by all of us and brought joy and fun to a generation of readers.

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